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I'm a Mom and a CPST.  I'm here to help you and your family ensure that your children travel safely everytime they enter a car.

**I never want you to forgo a car seat check due to finances. Within my sevice area, I ask for a base rate of $30 total for one or two seats, and $40 total for more. You are welcome to tip above that, but no obligation! If that's above your budget, I will still help you for whatever you'd like to contribute - no questions asked.**


New Parent Car Seat Check



Sanity Car Seat Check

$30.00 for 1-2 seats
$40.00 for 3+


Car Seat Buying Help


Are you having a baby? Find out everything you need to know! I reccomend reaching out to me by 36 weeks.  You will learn how to install your new babies car seat and how to harness them.  You are also welcome to contact me when your leaving the hospital for a quick check in person if possible or virtually so make sure you little bundle is safe for their first ride home. 

Already have a child? Do you have questions and concerns about their car seat? Are they ready to move to a new stage? I'm here to help you.

I will help you with install, harnessing, and how to adjust the seat  as your child grows. 

Are you having trouble figuring out the best seat for your family's needs? I'm here to help! We will cover your needs, child(ren)'s heigh/weight/age, your budget and much more on a phone call or FaceTime.  Then I will do the research for you and bring you the best options for you!

I also have some car seats available to meet with you and try them out in your vehicle so you can get an idea of how they fit. 

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