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Convertible Car Seat from Birth? The Chicco Nextfit Max Might be the Seat for You.

Chicco Nextfit Max

The Chicco Nextfit Max is a great option for using a convertible carseat from birth. I say this because parents, caregives and CPSTs are usually successful in getting a good newborn fit with the provided infant insert. And it is not to hard in most vehicles to achieve newborn recline in this seat. **I want to add that the origional Nextfit doesn't fit newborns as well as there are different infant inserts for that seat.**

If you are looking at the Chicco Nextfit Max convertible car seat for a newborn or an older toddler it may be the seat for you.

The Chicco Nextfit Max is availble with either a zip removal cover or Chicco's "ClearTex" fabric which is flame retardant free. Both fabric options are well padded and comfortable for your kids.

One draw back I've found to the Chicco Nextfit Max is the C shape of the seat. This design is what makes the seat work well for fitting newborns. However, I've found that the same shape is uncomfortable for many toddlers and kids as they grow.

Chicco Nextfit Max Specifications

  • Rear Facing: 4-50 lbs and under 43 inches - this seat does not have a one inch above the head rule.

  • Forward Facing: 22-65 lbs and under 49 inches.

I like that the seat goes to 50 pounds rear facing. However, most children will hit the 43 inces rear facing max long before they are 50 punds. I do wish the seat went to 49 inches rear facing.


You will love installing the Chicco Nextfit Max. It is a breeze whether your are using the "super cinch" lower anchors or the seatbelt with lock off installation.

The lower anchors max out at 35 lbs rear facing and 40 lbs forward facing. But they store away in the side compartments on each side. And installing the seat with seatbelt is not difficult since there is a built in lockoff on both the rear and forward facing belt paths.

This seat is very heavy to lift. I feel like the Chicco Nextfit Max is more of an install and leave in the vehicle - even though it is simple to install and uninstall - due to how heavy it is.

The Chicco Nextfit Max is builky front to back when installed rear facing. And the high sides make it difficult to load a child. My son uses this seat and he's honestly been climbing in on his own using the middle seat from the time he was 15 or 16 months old.


  • Chicco Nextfit Max with ClearTex: $299.99

  • Chicco Nextfit Max Zip Air: $349.99

Make sure you check out my review video on YouTube as well as my installation video. And make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

I'm Sarah and I'm a CPST who reviews carseats (mostly because I'm a carseat nerd) to help make your search easier. I purchase or borrow every car seat I review so I am saying what I notice and think about the seat.

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